GFL - Our people

GFL believes that our employees are the biggest strength and most valuable asset and that our human resources play a pivotal role in realizing the Company’s strategic goals and achieve delivery targets as per the required quality and cost of all our products, within the framework of our operational excellence. The Company encourages an open and trustworthy environment, where our people are encouraged to contribute in their unique ways and support them with continuous learning and growth.

Driven by purpose, our people and our teams are fully empowered to excel in our fast-growing customer base across the globe. It is our continuous endeavour to attract the right talent, develop the right capabilities and skills, and encourage them continuously by providing them the right culture and work environment so that they are inspired to bring out their best for achieving the company goals. We believe that building and sustaining a “high - trust and high – collaboration” workplace is essential for business delivery based on the “Guiding Principles for Human Resource Management at Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited”.

TEN PRINCIPLES of Human Resource Management of GFL

Build safe, healthy and secure workplace with the involvement of all employees.

Establish meritocracy without any bias or discrimination in connection to performance evaluation, career progression, rewards and recognition.

Implement robust, fair, transparent and non-discriminatory process to attract, develop and retain talent needed for business delivery and growth.

Pay for performance based on internal and external parity.

Uphold and respect Human Dignity, Equality, and Human Rights at the workplace.

Encourage creativity and innovation to fuel growth.

Provide continuous learning opportunities for the growth and development of all employees.

Create an engaged work environment of teamwork and camaraderie with a bias for responsible execution and excellence.

Ensure continuous two - way communication and participation of all employees, respect their views and opinion, and involve them in decision-making.

Drive social accountability and responsibility and ensure ethical governance for responsible execution and excellence.