GFL - PFOA-free
INOLUBTM PFOA-free PTFE Micropowders

Compliant with EC 2017/1000 of REACh

According to EU REACh, PFOA, its salts and PFOA-related substances cause unacceptable risk to human health and the environment. PFOA is a persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic chemical comprising 8 perfluorinated carbons (C8). Subsequently, EU REACh will enforce PFOA regulation restricting perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), its salts and PFOA-related substances in PTFE products w.e.f. 4th July, 2020 as mentioned in entry 68 of Annex XVII list published by ECHA.
Critical requirements:

Less than 25 ppb of PFOA including its salts

Less than 1000 ppb of one or a combination of PFOA-related substances.


Conventionally, PTFE Micropowders are produced by irradiation technology that leads to the formation of PFOA at substantially higher levels than the restricted limit. Due to high toxicity and persistency, PFOA causes extreme occupational health hazards and environmental pollution. Methods to remove or wash away PFOA from irradiated PTFE Micropowders are inadequate & unsustainable. Currently, most PTFE Micropowders available in the market are produced by irradiation of PTFE and there is an urgent need to move away from this hazardous technology.


GFL is committed to ‘Green Chemistry’ and offers environment-friendly products using sustainable technologies. As one of many initiatives in this direction, GFL has invested in clean technologies offering products that are safe for humans and environment. INOLUBTM Micropowders are produced by non-irradiated technologies that comply with ECHA regulations.

INOLUBTM 200 Series

No Irradiation
No Degradation
No traces of PFOA

INOLUBTM 300 Series

PFOA content < 5ppb*

  • *Testing method: HP-LC/MS & GC-MS

  • Starting 1st July, 2020, each production lot will be individually tested for PFOA content and test values will be reported in respective COAs
  • INOLUBTM Grades and Application
    INOLUB™ Grades Polymer Compounding Elastomers Lubricants & Grease Coatings Inks & Paints
    Wear reduction Anti-Drip
    Irradiated Micropowders (T100 series)
    T103 ++ ++
    T106 ++ ++
    T109 ++
    T111 ++ ++
    T104F ++ ++
    T1030 + +
    T1040F ++ ++
    Directly Polymerised Micropowders (T200 series)
    T204F + ++ ++ +
    T201F + + ++ + +
    T207F ++
    T204FH +
    T201FH +
    Thermally Degraded Micropowders (T300 series)
    T302F + ++ ++
    T315F ++ +
    T320F ++ +
    T330F ++ +
    Rheology Modifiers
    R640F +
    R740F +
    R810F + +
    R820F + +
    R850F +
    I-SAN ++
    + Recommended
    ++ Highly Recommended

    Our extensive research and development in Fluoropolymers enable us to comply with the present and upcoming ECHA and EPA directives and facilitate our customers to choose greener products manufactured by sustainable technologies.

    INOLUBTM PTFE Micropowders find uses in a broad range of applications in Polymer Compounding, Paints, Inks & Coatings, Lubricants & greases and Rubber Compounding. With INOLUBTM Micropowders, our customers can choose greener and sustainable products without compromising on performance.


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